The Remembering

You have one last time to leave a message to someone you love before you die. Who would you pick? What would you say?

Starring: Erin Ownbey
Directed by: Axel Arzola
Written by: Megan Ownbey

Excecutive Producer

Megan Ownbey
Axel Arzola

Mom: Laura Anne Ownbey
Boyfriend: Kyle Weldy
Little girl: Caroline Condo
Art Director: Emily Holmes
Cinematographer: Chris Nelson & Axel Arzola
Assistant Camera: Landon Early
Assistant Director: Caleb Wilson
Script Supervisor: Emma Elder
Sound Recordist: Kateland Wyatt
Boom Operator: Tyler von Tagen
Editor: Axel Arzola & Jaqueline Simmons


We had an amazing team behind the short film The Remembering. Here you can see how the process happens. Always having fun while working hard.